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Job Position: Company Nurse
Job Description: Batangas City, Batangas - Batangas Company Information SAGASS Consulting Crossing, Calamba City Laguna Website: SAGASS Consulting is a Japanese Consultancy firm which provides ideal career development through our company's best local employment. Bearing the perception of the necessity of a headhunting firm, SAGASS took its first landing on the Philippine industry on the year 2004. SAGASS Consulting exists to offer professional service to meet satisfaction of our client's demand amidst the diversity in the employment industry. majority of our clients are Japanese owned business companies settled in the Philippines. The mission of our company is to provide on its full-length, fulfillment on the part of our valued clients. In doing such, the company implements a sequence of evaluation to conscientiously seek for extremely qualified applicants. The company envisions huge and fast assessment that leads to employment through our participat…