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Job Offer: Student Interns

Job Position: Job Offer: Student Interns
Job Description: City of Dreams - Metro Manila - Student Interns City of Dreams - Manila, Metro Manila Job Description - Student Interns (030726) POSITION SUMMARY : The primary objective of City of Dreams Manila's internship program is to assist the student intern's development of employer-valued expertise such as teamwork, communications, work discipline and attention to detail. As such, a student intern shall be exposed to the real-world work environment and expectations of performance on the part of department he/she will be assigned to in order to enhance and/or expand both expertise and expertise; He will also meet professional function models or mentors who will provide him/her with support in the early stages of the internship and provide an example of the behaviors expected in the workplace. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES all over the duration of the 700-hour internship program, the student intern's primary responsibility is to foc…