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Job Opportunity: Store Cashier - FamilyMart

Job Position: Job Opportunity: Store Cashier - FamilyMart
Job Description: Avecshares Asia Inc. - Metro Manila - Avecshares Asia Inc. Avecshares Asia, Inc. is an investment and real estate development company that first made its mark in the business circles in the year 1986. From its beginnings in investments in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, the company extended its bounds into the world of real estate development. Simultaneous with Avecshares' marked growth in its real estate development businesses is the consistent good performance in its investments in numerous publicly listed companies. Avecshares also continues to be a major stockholder of Unicapital Securities, Inc. With its success in investments and the real estate development industry, Avecshares is now gearing up and expanding into the retail industry. This move was primarily indorsed by the Philippine's rapid GDP growth and the corresponding increase of per capita income. Avecshares anticipates grea…