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Job Position: Offer: Mechanical Engineer
Job Description: SOBIDA MOTORS CORP. - Metro Manila - SOBIDA MOTORS CORP. Sobida is one of the leading innovators and fastest growing companies in the Philippine automotive industry. With about 600 members, we build trucks that exceed the market's quality expectations. Situated at the industry's only 7-hectare remanufacturing facility in the Philippines, Sobida caters to all the unique demands of the local commercial truck market. The company is in the business of remanufacturing commercial vehicles. The idea for remanufacturing was drawn from the company founders' practice with, studies and research of the many truck parts they sold to the local market since the 1960s - from the use of original quality parts and the nuances of diesel engine technology, to the uncompromising belief that nothing is more important than the safety of the general public. From its humble beginnings in a small parts retail shop, the operations of what woul…