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Offer: Social Media Marketer

Job Position: Offer: Social Media Marketer
Job Description: Pangasinan Techno Pen, Inc - Central Luzon - Pangasinan Techno Pen, Inc The Dream ENIGMA Technologies, Inc. started from a noble dream of its founders who were compelled by their common desire to contribute in uplifting the living standards of communities and business of this country and of the world through technology empowerment. The dream of making our world a more comfortable place to live in will be achieved by continuously discovering technological solutions for households and businesses. Thus, Enigma was born as an initial step in the journey towards the fulfillment of this dream. The Founders The ENIGMA founders possess skills in the field of information and communication technology such as computer hardware and software technology, Information technology infrastructure and networking management, application systems development, and telecommunications network management. They also possess skills in the field of busines…