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Office adjunct Cook

Job Position: Office adjunct Cook
Job Description: Synacy - Cebu City, Cebu - Office adjunct Cook Synacy - Cebu City, Central Visayas Full time, Full time You'll be working as an adjunct Cook in a company-owned cafeteria. The job involves cooking meals (e.g. breakfast and lunch) for Mon-Fri and doing additional kitchen maintenance or prep on Saturdays. The ideal candidate would have strong communication expertise and be able to work independently but be a good team player and listen to instructions or directions from line managers effectively. Job responsibilities include, but aren't limited to: » Prepare meals (for around 50+ people) » Shop for goods and supplies (while some will be delivered but coordination still required) » Record all inventory, budgeting and shrinkage » General capability to cook things 'properly' such as steak, chicken breast, fish, vegetables, legumes ?expertise and practice required: » Must have high hygiene standards » Must have some practice c…